Project: AMP-T2D

The Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes is a consortium of government, academic and industry scientists advancing genomic discovery in T2D with a view to therapeutic development. Its central mandate is to construct a Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal where genomic and metagenomic information on T2D and related phenotypes is assembled, curated, and deposited for user-directed analyses. The database, populated by existing genomics consortia for T2D and related traits, health-care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and many others, attempts to capture the majority of genomic information available globally for this condition. It resides in a secure set of sites linked to each other via federation. Analytical engines are being developed that allow the user to query the data set with intelligent and flexible requests in real time. To protect research participants, only summary results will be returned, and no primary data can be downloaded. The analytical interface is modular, versatile and organic, adopting new methods and perspectives while preserving rigor. A fuller rationale and description of this project is provided here.

Genetic Discovery