Former Lab Member Florez Lab Position Last Known Position
Rachel Ackerman Clinical Research Coordinator Internal Medicine MD, Tufts Medical Center Adolescent Clinic
Alina Ainbinder Research Scientist Senior Scientist, Ultivue
Liana K. Billings Post-doctoral fellow Attending Endocrinologist, NorthShore Medical Center
Lizz Caulkins Project Manager
Nicole Landa Cavallaro Clinical Research Coordinator Associate Director, Prevention Education at EverFi
Natalia Colomo (Spain) Visiting post-doc Attending Endocrinologist, University of Malaga
Cristopher D’Avella Administrative Assistant
Jaclyn Davis Clinical Research Coordinator Pediatrics Resident, MGH
Diego Real de Asua (Spain) Visiting post-doc Clinical Fellow, NYU
Amanda Elliott Post-doctoral fellow Post-doctoral fellow, ATGU MGH
Rebecca R. Fanelli Clinical Research Coordinator Sr. Country Approval Specialist at PPD
Marlene Fernandez Clinical Research Coordinator Senior Analyst at Raytheon BBN Technologies
Jason Flannick Senior Group Leader
Michelle Gaffney Administrative Assistant
Patty Glover Research Associate I Research Associate II, Remix Therapeutics
Aly Harney Research Associate II
Alicia M. Hernandez Clinical Research Coordinator
Marie-France Hivert Post-doctoral fellow Attending Endocrinologist, MGH
Eitan Hoch Biologist Jhana Therapeutics
Chunmei Huang Post-doctoral fellow Hospitalist, MGH
Tamara Isakova Post-doctoral fellow Attending Nephrologist, Northwestern
Sabina Khan Clinical Research Coordinator
Alexandria Kluge Sr. Project Coordinator
Amelia Lanier Clinical Research Coordinator MD Candidate at Keck School of Medicine of USC
Katherine Littleton Clinical Research Coordinator Registered Nurse at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Alisa Manning Post-doctoral fellow Assistant Investigator, CTEU, MGH
Jarred McAteer Lab Technician Endocrinologist at UMass Memorial Medical
Allan Moore Post-doctoral fellow Deceased
Ayesha Muhammad Clinical Research Coordinator MD/PhD student, Vanderbilt
Mark O’Connor Post-doctoral fellow
Zoe Paschkis Administrative Assistant Nurse Practitioner, MGH
Marta Pradas (Spain) Visiting student Post-doc, Germany
Cindy Pau Post-doctoral fellow Attending Endocrinologist, Hawaii
Michela Slucca Post-doctoral fellow Internal Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center
Shylaja Srinivasan Post-doctoral fellow Attending Endocrinologist, UCSF
Elliot Stolerman Post-doctoral fellow Medical Genetics Physician, Greenwood, South Carolina
Andrew C. Taylor Lab technician
Jennifer Todd Post-doctoral fellow Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Vermont
Geoffrey Walford Post-doctoral fellow Medical Director, Merck
Ana Sofia Warner Clinical Research Coordinator Medicine Resident, MGH
Nancy Wei Rotating resident Attending Endocrinologist, MGH
Winfred W. Williams Jr. Visiting scientist Attending Nephrologist, MGH
Kayla Yates Clinical Research Coordinator DO Candidate at Des Moines University
Liping Zhao Research Scientist II Retired