Noel Burtt

I serve as the Associate Director of Operations for Diabetes Research at the Broad Institute where I provide organizational leadership for large-scale, international consortia, and public/private partnerships in human genetics studies of type 2 diabetes and related traits. I am trained in molecular biology and human genetics and I joined the Whitehead Center for Genome Research (now the Broad Institute) in 1999 to develop technologies for genotyping and sequencing. Over the last 18 years, I have helped developed and scaled genotyping and sequencing technologies for the Institute, resourced and managed technical teams, navigated alliances for a host for industry and private partnerships, and provided scientific project management for an array of international genome-wide association studies and next-generation sequencing consortia.

Currently, I work to define new collaborations/research initiatives, funding opportunities, and strategy for the research program. In this role, I also oversee operations and external relations for the Accelerating Medicines Partnership for Type 2 Diabetes (AMP-T2D) Program. Finally, I am most excited about enabling biologists and pharmaceutical researchers the means to interact and derive hypotheses from the trove of human genetics data we have participated in generating over the years. Therefore, I spend much of my time developing strategy and stewarding research community engagement for the T2D Knowledge Portal, an open-access software architecture and resource for genetic studies of T2D and its complications. My hope is to develop a network of Knowledge Portals in the complex disease community.